Dive into Pool Season

April 4, 2018

Diving into pool season unprepared is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Sure, you’ll have an exciting time, but it probably won’t end well. Stocking up on the right gear, from skimmers to chemicals, makes caring for your pool much easier. Your pool gets the TLC it needs, and you don’t have to spend valuable swimming time tackling repairs or water issues.

While you’re putting together your pool care “jump kit,” don’t forget to add an alarm, too. Everyone appreciates a good backup chute, after all. And if you’re doing you’re swimming in the sun, don’t forget the stabilizer. It’ll help keep your pool chemistry on target, dive after dive. 

Few things to add to the kit

1. Pool Skimmer- We prefer the leaf net that gives you a dual purpose tool. This will allow you to skim the surface but during the fall get the leaves off the bottom.  Here is one we recommend.

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2. Pool water test kit- You can either get a simple Dip Test strip or a complex Digital tester. To keep it simple we are recommending the test strips

Digital                     Dip Test Strips

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3. Stabilizer- The best way to keep the Chlorine in your pool is to keep the Sun out but that’s no fun so the next best way is with stabilizer. 

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4. Unless you have a Saltwater pool you will need to keep it clean by using Chlorine this would be our favorite. 

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5. Last on the list of needs is Pool Shock. Why? Because after that 4th of July party or your Kids Birthday party the pool will be in shock from everything that has gone into it. Your best bet to keep the pool from turning green is Pool Shock. 

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