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Swimming Pool Inspections, Cincinnati, Mason and Tri-State

Why include a Pool inspection?

If you considering buying a home with a pool, there are a few things you need to know before you close.

A swimming pool can be a great asset to a home and will be a place where your family and friends make lasting memories. If you do not have a proper pool inspection, that dream of owning the house with a pool can turn into a nightmare.

Below you will find more information about what you should expect from a great pool inspection.

Professional Pool Inspection

You will want to cover all the bases when buying your next home, especially if the home has a pool. If you are not a swimming pool expert, you will want to hire a pool service professional. You will want to be sure you enlist the help of a pool company that has years of experience with a variety of pools and who is familiar with the problems that can arise of the years. Since you are paying for the Pool Inspection, do your homework and hire the best! You will find that Cincinnati Pool Divers are the best and will give a more detailed report.

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What Should I Be Looking For in a Pool Inspection Before Buying a House in Cincinnati, OH?


Do NOT rely on Home Inspector

Many people who are purchasing a home with a pool think the home inspection will cover the pool, I will tell you this is rarely the case. Considering that pools are not the most common amenity in a home for sale, it is very unlikely the home inspector will have the expertise to evaluate a pool thoroughly. You would be putting yourself at great risk for the inspector missing a costly problem with the pool. In fact, many home inspection reports will include a disclaimer releasing them from any missed problems with the Pool inspection.


Pool Equipment is Complex

A pool has a large number of moving and non-moving parts. Besides the actual pool itself, which should be solid and free of any leaks, the filters, pumps and heaters (if present) need to be inspected for function. The plumbing and electrical equipment should be inspected as well. The surfaces around the pool including concrete, pavers or decking should be evaluated for safety and condition. Any pool cover, including hardware used to secure it should be inspected too.


Running the Equipment

When a pool service professional inspects the pool they should test the overall operating condition of the equipment and make sure it is in good working order. Usually this is mainly a visual inspection, just understand that you and the inspection do not have the right to take apart the equipment. If something is questionable, it is the seller’s responsibility to hire someone to further evaluate the cause of the issue and repair if they agree to do so. You will need to discuss any finding with the pool inspector and with your Realtor in the event any modifications need to be made to your offer to purchase the home.


Pressure Test for Leaks

Hiring a knowledgeable pool company is crucial, especially if there is a concern of any plumbing leaks. When necessary, a pool inspector may recommend doing a pressure test to the plumbing system. This may increase the cost of the inspection because it can be time consuming and require specialized equipment. If you do your homework when hiring a reputable inspector, you can rest assure they will recommend performing the pressure test if they feel it is necessary.


Inspect the Main Drains

A very important aspect of a pool inspection is to is check the pool has federally approved covers over all of the drain, or suction outlets. The inspector should also be very familiar with state laws as they pertain to pools.


Detailed Inspection Report

The company inspecting the pool for the home you are buying, should provide you with a detailed inspection report. This report will outline the various things inspected on the pool, and make note of anything of concern that was found during the thorough inspection. The pool service professional will also go over the report with you so you are fully aware of any defective areas in the pool or pool equipment. This written document will give you the ability to negotiate possible repairs or for a reduction on the sales price of the home. Again, you should consult with the pool inspector and with your Realtor to guide you through the process of buying a home with a pool.


Inspect the Fence

All neighborhoods should require a fence or other type of barrier around the pool to protect children from walking into a an open pool area. The requirements will vary depending on the town, but all will likely require self-closing and self-latching gates. The pool inspector will know the local requirements for safety, since most developments have different covenants you may have to provide them before the inspection takes place.


Negotiate Any Pool Issues BEFORE Closing on the Home

When you decide to buy a home with a swimming pool, you are agreeing to purchase it ‘as is.’ Before you sign on closing day you want to know what you are getting. If the pool inspection finds one or several problems, you will have to negotiate for either the seller to fix them at their expense or make a purchase price adjustment based on the work required to fix the pool. This should be done well in advance to the closing of the home. There are several ways to approach this, but the overall idea is the same as with a general home inspection. You will want to consult your Realtor to decide what option is best for you. We do Swimming Pool Inspections in Cincinnati, Pool inspections in Mason, and Pool Inspections in Loveland