Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair in Cincinnati, OH

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Summer pricing will begin the first of June.  Winter Pricing starts in November. So if you feel you have a Pool Leak no matter how small contact us during the summer season for best price. 

Pool Leak Detection & Leak Repair Services:

Pool Leak detection and Pool repair is at the heart of our service. We have been doing pool leak detection and repair in Cincinnati, Mason and the Tri-State region since 2009. We have the highest state of art tech gear to help locate the leak so we can find it and have your leak repaired in the quickest amount of time.  We try to match your liner to the true color of your pool. Our pool repair comes with a 5 day no leak warranty to make sure we don’t miss any leaks, also the patches are covered for the life of the pool liner. If they come off, we repair the patch for free.


Prices can vary depending on time of year and location and time of year.


 Please call 513-843-9799 for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Leak Detection:


What is allowable for evaporation?

Unfortunately there is no magic number or standard formula. There are many different variables in play that determine evaporation rates.


• Environmental conditions (i.e. Wind)
• Water features (Spa spillway, Sheer Descents, Fan Jets, etc.)
• Heating features (Heater, Heat Pump, Solar Panels)
• Screen enclosure
• Pool Interior finish
• Tile selection (Amount of grout being used)
• Rocks used for water features or as tile coping

Evaporation can range from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch per day depending on the variables mentioned above. If you feel you have a leak in your pool but are unsure, try doing a Pool Leak bucket test. Click here to find out how.