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The Story of a Refreshed Pool in Cincinnati with Cincinnati Pool Divers

When Colleen S. from Cincinnati, OH, noticed her cherished backyard pool losing more water than the usual evaporation would account for, she knew she needed a professional’s help. Understanding the importance of pool inspections, pool leak repair, and pool safety covers in Cincinnati, she turned to Cincinnati Pool Divers, a reputable service company known for its diligent work and customer satisfaction in the Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati Pool Inspections, Pool Leak Repair, and Pool Safety Covers

Pool leaks can be a daunting problem for homeowners, not only due to the potential water loss and increased utility bills but also because they can be symptomatic of more severe underlying issues. Aware of these challenges, Joseph, the contractor from Cincinnati Pool Divers, approached Colleen’s case with a meticulous eye and a commitment to resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive Resolution of a Pool’s Leaks

The task began with a thorough pool inspection to detect and locate the source of the leak. Using his expertise and specialized equipment, Joseph meticulously searched for the culprits. His determination paid off when he discovered not one, but three holes, one of which was a seam separation. This type of issue is particularly challenging because it speaks to the structural integrity of the pool liner itself.

Cincinnati Pool Inspections, Pool Leak Repair, and Pool Safety Covers

Joseph informed Colleen that despite the fading of the liner, which caused a slight difference in shade, all patches were successfully applied to seal the leaks. He reassured her that although the patches might be slightly visible, their effectiveness would not be compromised. However, he also informed her that due to the nature of these repairs, if the liner repair is under warranty, it would only be for a short duration—specifically, a 5-day warranty, provided the pool didn’t lose more than a quarter-inch of water per day.

Discussing the invoice notes, Joseph was transparent with Colleen about the services provided and the warranty terms. He explained that certain troubleshooting steps might be required before a potential return visit, ensuring Colleen was well-informed to observe her pool’s condition post-repair. Furthermore, he clarified that plumbing leaks, if found, would incur different costs and outlined the policy for equipment repairs, reiterating the commitment of Cincinnati Pool Divers to the honesty and satisfaction of their customers.

Cincinnati Pool Inspections, Pool Leak Repair, and Pool Safety Covers

Joseph also emphasized the pool leak patch repairs warranty, which is valid for the life of the liner. This guarantee provided Colleen with peace of mind, knowing that if the patch came off, Cincinnati Pool Divers would repair it at no additional cost. This is part of their “no leak guarantee” – a promise that if the pool was still losing more than a quarter-inch of water a day after the repair, they would come back out for free.

After a job well done, Colleen was more than satisfied with the service provided by Cincinnati Pool Divers. The total price for the comprehensive service she received was $365, a small investment for the assurance and safety of her beloved pool. Now, with the leaks repaired, Colleen can look forward to enjoying many more sunny days by her pool, thanks to the professional and diligent service of Joseph and the Cincinnati Pool Divers team.

Cincinnati Pool Inspections, Pool Leak Repair, and Pool Safety Covers

For anyone in Cincinnati facing similar issues with their pools, whether it be leaks, the need for an inspection, or the installation of safety covers, Cincinnati Pool Divers is the go-to team. Their skill, transparency, and commitment to their customers’ satisfaction and safety make them the ideal choice for all pool-related needs.